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Consistent, steady release of oxybutynin

In randomized, crossover studies in healthy volunteers treated with
transdermal oxybutynin[4,5]

  • Steady-state plasma concentrations of oxybutynin were achieved within 1 week after starting treatment[4*]
  • Steady concentrations were maintained up to 96 hours with
    1 patch[5†]
    • Absorption is continuous over the entire 96-hour application period[5]

Adapted from Zobrist, 2003[5]

  • Similar absorption of oxybutynin was demonstrated at all indicated application sites[5‡]
  • *Based on a randomized, open-label study in healthy volunteers ≥18 years of age
    treated with transdermal oxybutynin 3.9 mg/day and extended-release oral oxybutynin
  • Based on a randomized, 3-way crossover, multiple-dose, steady-state trial in
    healthy volunteers ≥18 years of age with three applications of transdermal oxybutynin.
    Each treatment period was separated by 14 days to allow for drug washout.
  • 3 different applications were used: abdomen, buttock, and hip.