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80% of women with OAB—about 15 million people—are not treating this condition
with medication[1-3]

  • Nearly 17% of adult women have OAB[3*]
  • Over 50% of women with OAB use only sanitary protection products for their condition[1†]
  • Almost 30% use nothing to manage their OAB symptoms[1†]

A few reasons why women with OAB may not be seeking treatment

  • About 43% of women with OAB in the US are not aware there are medications to treat this condition[1†]
  • 40% think their condition is just a part of getting older[1†]
  • *Results for women with OAB are based on: 1) A computer-assisted telephone
    questionnaire sent to 17,231 US households between November 2000 and January
    2001[3]; 2) A survey in December 2002 consisting of 1228 interviews with women with
    overactive bladder aged 40-65 years.[2]
  • Survey results are from a 45-minute online questionnaire administered to women
    between the ages of 18 and 75 who had experienced OAB in the past 12 months—
    excluding those who had been pregnant in the past year, had bladder cancer, had signs
    of prediabetes, had more than 1 UTI in the past year, or only suffered from stress
    incontinence. The final sample consisted of 812 women: 215 current Rx-users, 561
    current sanitary protection product (SanPro) users, and 190 not using Rx or SanPro.[1]